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KT Jigging

Single Assist Hooks

Single Assist Hooks

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KaiTei's single long hooks are designed for use with deep diving or high current jigs.  The single hook design reduces drag and encourages a more natural flutter on drops. These hooks are expertly crafted using premium BKK hooks and feature single hook design to reduce drag for extremely deep drops or high current waters. KaiTei's single hooks are paired with 250lb cord to prevent line breakage. 

KaiTei preferred size pairings:

  •   3/0: 100g jig
  •   5/0: 200g jig
  •   7/0: 300g jig
  •   9/0: 400g jig
  • 11/0: 500g jig
  • 13/0: 700g jig
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