KaiTei Jigging is a producer of Slow-Pitch Jigging equipment and jigs founded in 2022. Kai Moulton, James Moulton, and Daniel Hilton founded KaiTei after discovering the Slow-Pitch Jigging technique, and along with it the severe lack of equipment available to the United States. KaiTei's mission is to spread the love of the sport through education of the technique, and increasing the availability of the equipment necessary for this incredible method of fishing.

KaiTei Jigging is the culmination of four generations of avid fishermen who love the sport. Founders Kai and James Moulton both rigorously designed and tested all their equipment, and are excited to introduce as many people as possible to Slow-Pitch Jigging and its possibilities.

Kai Moulton is the son of James and is of Japanese and American descent. Much of the information available regarding the Slow-Pitch Jigging technique is in the Japanese language. His understanding of the language has given KaiTei access to information largely unavailable to most fishermen new to the technique. Kai loves to fish and to teach others about the sport. 

James Moulton is the CEO of KaiTei Jigging. He passed down the passion of fishing to his children and is using his experience in business to help grow this company. Co-owner of Noble Audio, he has years of experience designing quality products and running a thriving business. 

Daniel Hilton is the brain of the company. Having a background in engineering, he has spearheaded much of product design including a Slow-Pitch focused reel to be released in the future. Daniel is the cousin of Kai and integral to KaiTei's operations.